Out & About – Sunday at the Detroit Eastern Market

Detroit Eastern Market

When some people think people Detroit, they think of a city of failure, violence, disintegration, and tremendous struggle, but after visiting the Eastern Market this past weekend, my past love and admiration for the Motor City soared to greater heights.  Detroit showed a tremendous display of community togetherness by including an extra market day to the historic venue schedule and hosting its first season of Sunday Street Market. Filled with mouth-watering aromas and jazzed up sounds, the Sunday Street Market was truly the place to be for people of all ages and walks of life to experience a true piece of homegrown Detroit flavor!  Though food vendors were readily available, the main attractions were the incredibly talented artists showcasing an abundance of Michigan produced jewelry, clothing, home goods, and a variety of other items truly worth the visit. Since the colossal historic structure has more than enough space to house all of its various vendors, the rain was only a slight detour for both new and veteran shoppers.  For those wanting to come out to support Metro Detroit, the live music and outstanding range of entertainment was more than enough to tickle anyone’s fancy.  From the young electric guitar player plucking wire strings filled with sounds Coltrane himself would admire, to the eye-catching outfits of the roller derby ladies skating with pride outdoors…Sundays in Detroit are looking mighty strong this year!

By the Motor City Coaster Co. (http://motorcitycoasters.com)
Motor City Coaster Co. & Iconic Detroit Art