Manday Monday – Aztec Clay Mask

Original Clay Mask w/ Almond Oil

After working with an AVEDA salon & spa years ago, the countless facials, chemical peels, and masks were as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth.  Unfortunately, too many years have gone by since I took the extra time to truly take care of the face I see in the mirror each day.  Guys I will be the first to admit that I go a day or two without showering sometimes, and I’ve been known to spend an entire Sunday in my shorts and a tank without brushing my teeth.  So sue me! As a man, I feel it is okay allow myself time to relax in my own “manliness”, so to say, from time to time.  There does come a time when simply washing your face with soap is not enough to take care of the layers of filth deep within your skin from the constant farm work, welding, roofing, landscaping, or even teaching.  Whatever your day-to-day career consists of, we have only one face per person, so we owe it to ourselves to keep it at its healthiest.

My sister introduced me to a new skin care product that I absolutely love and am excited to share with every guy who thinks putting on a mask is not only healthy for the skin, but a fun way to scare the neighbors.  Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is made from 100% pure Bentonite clay, which has the extremely absorbent mineral montmorillonite.  When hydrated, Bentonite has the ability to produce an electronic charge, which combined with its highly absorbent ingredient, lifts unwanted toxins, impurities, and dirt from the skin.  After seeing immediate results and knowing what ingredients are inside of this product, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is forever a household staple for me.  Fellas I highly recommend trying this out for yourselves, especially if you are prone to breakouts or acne. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and taking care of your face should hold just as much importance as putting on your shoes to go to work!

Please consult your physician before applying generous amounts to your skin or if you have an allergic reaction to the clay.