Healthy Tricks – Fresh Frozen Smoothies

Fruit SmoothiesGoing to the market to shop for produce has become one of the best times of the week!  Last summer, in the middle of a total body cleanse, a friend suggested freezing fresh fruit instead of buying frozen packages from the grocery store because it helps to preserve the taste by refraining from using ice cubes and no additives or preservatives.  Since then, buying, slicing, and bagging fresh fruit has made smoothie making much more enjoyable and efficient.  So, after the trip to the market or grocery store, take about 10 mins (depending how much produce you have and what you like to include in your smoothie drinks) to wash and cut up your produce, then place them in freezer bags.  You will taste the difference immediately and will never have to worry about not having ice cubes ready in the tray! Not that something like that ever happens?

The second trick to having healthy and nutritious smoothies is one of the most amazing tricks found and has helped speed up the morning routine on the way to work.  Countless times either the alarm wasn’t enough or the act of getting out of bed sounded so excruciating, the normal morning routine was rushed more times than not.  As a deterrent from drinking too much coffee and knowing a mid-day lunch was sometimes impossible, a morning smoothie was the perfect solution.  What if there were a way to have all or most of your key ingredients ready for speedy situations or for simple convenience? Check this out….It’s fantastic and saves time in the morning!When the clock was ticking and there was no time for preparation, that action plan works best when the smoothies are made the night before and put in a pitcher.