Knot Your Typical Necktie

Making a lasting impression with the
Making a lasting impression with the “Eldredge Knot”.
Wearing a shirt and tie has become so second nature to me due to the professional based career or a fancy night out on the town. No matter the reason or situation, neckties display that polished look all men should strive for at least once in their lifetime.

In the classroom, my students would inquire why I wore ties all the time.  “Wearing a tie shows you really take pried in what you wear, it
2015-08-02_19.11.18[1]also looks professional and evokes respect.”  After that brief conversation with the kiddos, I wanted to climb to the next level.  I searched the various types of knots worn by men and found a variety of outlandish, creative ways to wear ties.

One of my favorite knots happens to be the Eldredge Knot.  Sleek enough to wear to a special wedding ceremony, yet casual enough for that Friday workday in the office.  If you aren’t accustomed to showcasing anything other than the typical “Four in Hand” or “Half Windsor”, the Eldredge will definitely take some practice (two full weeks for this guy), but the end result will have men envious and women seeking your attention!