Canine Cuisine

AngelTwelve years ago, the most amazing miracle happened and an additional piece of joy entered my life in the form of a gorgeous female Yellow Lab/Shar-Pei puppy.  Angel has been the piece of the life puzzle that has continued to keep me grounded and focused on the important things in this complex world.  She has been through every struggle and success with me and though I neglect her at times, Angel constantly provides such a pure form of love, companionship and loyalty that keeps me feeling young.  In return, I decided to do something to keep her as healthy and vibrant for as long as possible in the canine world.

Angel on Lake Michigan

One spring afternoon, a good friend explained to me the diet for his stunning Black Lab and beautiful cat.  “Raw” food being fed to his loved pets sounded like the most inhumane idea I have heard up to that point, but after days of research and guidance, I decided to take the plunge and try it out.  I diligently followed his instructions and slowly introduced the new diet to Angel and watched as she began to take on a new world of cuisine. She LOVED it!

“I said no photos before noon!” #BeautyRest

After a number of trial and error situations with particular meats and ingredients, I have finally found a few staple recipes that fulfill her daily recommended calorie intake, as well as recipes that work very well with her digestive system.  In return, not only does her coat shine like the sun, her activity level has increased dramatically, her teeth look so much better and I know exactly what goes into her food….No more ingredients I couldn’t pronounce if you paid me a billion dollars.  I will preface this by saying this is something that works for Angel, and in no way 100% guaranteed to work for every dog, but if it has the potential to increase your pet’s quality of life, why not try it out!

Chicken Meal – Main Recipe

1 Whole Chicken (organic farm raised) Cut into 8 pieces buy meat butcher
1 Pkg Chicken Livers
1 Pkg Chicken Gizzards
3 – 5 Brown Eggs
1 Busshel Fresh Kale or Spinach (Kale is a favorite)
Wheat Germ
Uncooked Oatmeal
Omega 3 Salmon Oil
Organic Carrots
Celery Stalks
Probiotic Tablets (Crushed/Powdered)
Coconut Oil
Canned Pumpkin
Cooked Rice

* Amounts of some ingredients were left out in regards to finding your pet’s recommended daily calorie intake and ideal weight. (Most important to calculate!)

Angel also receives the Satin Balls recipe (modified with ingredients that fit her lifestyle and digestive system), which can be found online. Again, this works for my pooch and came with much trial and error, but we are both happier with the outcome. The most time consuming, yet vital piece, is calculating calories per serving and finding the daily recommended intake for your dog.  Do your research and take your time!  Remember, you are doing this because you love and adore your pet. Happy Feeding!