Fashion Forward: Tips for the Fall Season

Some would argue that summer is hands down the best of the four seasons. Little do they know, major fashion magazine companies invest more time and advertising into their fall collection than any other season!

Olive Military Jacket
Olive Military Jacket @Express

Not only does some of the most delectable produce hatch during this time, but some of the most creative and comfortable clothing is also on display during the fall season!  In goes the ever so comfortable flip flops, European swim trunks, colorful tank tops, and sleek shades….all to make way for dashing sweaters and cardigans,  swaggerrific jackets, slick boots, and dapper long coats.  Yes, the trees loose their leaves and the sun shines a little less, but that’s all apart of making way for new growth.

For those gentlemen with little to no abundance of time, or for lack of better words, sense of style (you’re not alone)! Here are three quick, fun, and simple ways to help bring more excitement to your fall season.  I guarantee you’ll make a long lasting impression on that special date, company outing, or just a trip to the market!

#1 – Layers, Layers, Layers!
The “less is more” statement does not apply to this scenario fellas.  The combination of a comfortable pair of slim cut jeans, a funky tee or flannel, some sweet shit stompers, pulled together with a fresh jacket and scarf is the perfect go to for the fall season.
Layers #2 – Color is Your Friend!
Even though it’s cooler outside and the rain seems to never want to end…remember, fall colors in the woods are eye-catching and that goes double for your seasonal wardrobe.  Time to step out that milquetoast box and into the fall rainbow.
#3 – It Gets Cold at Night!Men's Knit Cardigan
Yes the sun beams during the midday and the view from your office window looks incredible, but remember what happens when those insatiable sun rays dip into the west. Make sure to pack a comfortable sweater or light jacket for the evening.


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