“Scream! This is Halloween”

Seems like only yesterday I was gathering up my plastic bucket, making final costume adjustments, and waiting on my Mom to finish getting my sister ready to hit the candy filled streets with a goal of gathering the most sweets as humanly possible.  Besides running relay races, Halloween was one of the only other times speed walking/running was necessary to get from one house to the next.  The more houses visited meant more candy, which in turn yielded at least two days worth of bragging rights at school, and in the grand scheme of things that’s what Halloween is all about! Right?

It used to be, parents would throw on a jacket and head out the door with their excited and candy crazed youngsters, but today, more and more grownups are getting just as creative with their costumes as their sons and daughters.  It is a beautiful sight to see a family walking between homes in full costume…a true showcase of family togetherness and love.  Of course not every family is able to shell out hundreds of dollars to create elaborate dragon heads or a starting lineup of “Slithering House”, but the simple bed sheet with two holes for eyes still goes a long way in the eyes of attention seeking youngsters.  It’s the one night where a father becomes more than just the authoritative figure…he becomes a real fun person who makes a greater connection with his child.  So, from this point on, show a greater sense of appreciation when that overly tall guardian in the unicorn outfit is walking his little “Power Ranger” or “Bumblebee” on the sidewalk.  Halloween is more than just receiving a chalk full of sweet treats, it’s a time where an overworked and under paid family can come together and have a wonderful time wearing something other than “normal” clothes!