Cheers! Bourbon at its Best

Oak Barrels @Laws Whiskey House
Oak Barrels @Laws Whiskey House

Over the past seventeen years, I have systematically fallen in love with food, wine and spirits.  At sixteen, the store clerk, who remains a close friend, allowed me to not only buy, but at times gave me liquor.  My twenties brought on a strong appreciation for fine wine and innovative cocktails, all while working at a wine bar in my hometown of Saginaw, MI.  In no time, I grew to savor everything from fine whiskey, smoky scotches, cognac, even craft beer and cigars.

Laws Whiskey
A.D. Four Grain Straight Bourbon

Our palates change from adolescence to adulthood; sweet treats once loved as a child no longer satisfies or translates to our seasoned preferences.  For the past eight years I have sampled a variety of whiskey: Bulleit, Buffalo Trace, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Old-Grand Dad, Knob Creek, Pappy Van Winkle, and the list goes on.  Each one unique and all filled with tantalizing flavors, but I only want to promote my favorite spirit of choice…whiskey.

Specifically, A.D. Four Grain Straight Bourbon, a local bourbon made here in Denver, CO.
laws1This whiskey has an affordable price point for such a well-rounded refinement.  Filled with gentle hints of rich caramel, vanilla, tobacco, leather, and a toasted nuttiness that produces a humble and rich sensation with every sip.  As their mantra states, “Craft over commodity. Quality over quantity. Whiskey above all”,  Laws Whiskey House is doing something very special and it shows how much they really care about the uniquely delicious product they have created.  Enjoy this bourbon anytime with friends and fellow whiskey lovers and I guarantee you will experience a complex drink made from love and integrity.  Stop by the historic Gates Neighborhood based distillery,  then take a sip, and stay for a tour of their distillery and you’ll see for yourself how a quality whiskey should taste!

By Sean Galaviz