Limitless Possibilities!

“Morphing” by Jonne Ollakka

Is something truly better than nothing at all?  If that’s true, then are we choosing to simply settle at that point?  Furthermore, if we are then choosing to settle, does that mean the dream boards and bucket lists become distant mirages in a sand filled desert of forgotten happiness?Why should I relinquish the spark when the possibility of a triumphant flame morphing from what seems an impossible fate?  In the grand scheme of life, I refuse to believe that something is better than nothing when it comes to my goals, dreams, and admirations of life.  I recently took an inner vow to begin and continue living my life filled with purpose, love, and gratitude, but the only way any of this will come to pass is by accepting the nay-sayers for who they are, then later showing them what self-sacrifice, determination, self-love, and everlasting faith with bestow upon you!

Not everyone has a vision of they want out of life and even less are willing to walk through the trenches and walk the flaming coals to help make that vision happen.  Life really is what you make of it in all aspects of the definition.  No matter the religious belief or cultural background; no matter the deeply tragic deaths of friends and family members; no matter how much financial debt you own, the possibility of obtaining a life long dream remains in your reach.  In retrospect, the pain, adversity, and inner struggles all play a vital role in shaping our core and in the end produces an all around successful individual with an incredible amount of inner wealth that illuminates power.