Fashion Forward: Denim Denim Everywhere!

Courtesy of GQ

When did wearing denim stop being the fun and cool thing to do? Since the early 60’s, women and men strutted the streets in full jean jacket and bottom allegiance.   Whether covered in stone-wash from head to toe or sporting a fresh pair of Wranglers, denim jeans was and will continue to be a fundamental piece of fashion, with an eclectic style and a array of creativity.  Over the span of forty plus years, denim has transformed into a living breathing monster capable of demolishing the status quo of what or how clothing should be worn, and it continually grows with an unstoppable force.

Diesel Denim Borj Jacket D Jim Washed Black - ASOS
Diesel Denim Borj Jacket

Denim has the incredible versatility to be dressed up and taken to a fancy dinner party, yet casual enough to play around in the dirt during a trip to the mountains. The selling point for many shoppers is that fact that, like a fine bourbon, denim wears better with age…and let’s be honest, fit is key!

Slim Fit Med Wash Jean - ArmaniJeans
Slim Fit/Med Wash by Armani Jeans

Though a variety of designer jeans on the shelves are sold stiff, waxed, and spotless, nothing fits better than those favorite pair of jeans with a slight tear and have become paper thin because of the amount of wear and tear.  Designers have not only stepped out of the box, but have literally stomped and kicked down the doors of mediocre denim-wear creating a frayed, stretched, slimmed, distressed and stiffened material itching to be worn for years to come.

Winter Denim
Courtesy of GQ

As we gear up and strap in for the winter season, don’t let the frigid weather stray you away from the men’s denim section. On the contrary, utilize this as an opportunity to use denim as an outer layer of clothing for that weekend trip to the market. Typically, denim jackets are not insulators of heat, but paired with a rugged flannel, stylish long sleeve shirt, a fresh scarf, all pulled together with a pair boots, and voila, that thin piece of colored cotton fabric becomes the very thing that keeps the cold air out and separates you from the cookie cutter world around you!