Appreciating Life

wp-1450837883431.jpgToday I helped rescue a young boy from a burning truck.  I’ve never witnessed an accident like that before.  The boy was in shock and incredibly frightened.  The fiery accident occurred on I-75 Northbound around the Troy/Clarkston area.  The only immediate fatality of the  8-10 car pile up happened to be in relation to the kid we pulled from the flames.  So scary!  I could not even think straight.  I just talked to the boy, held his hand, constantly telling him to hang in there.  It so happens, on a different note, yesterday I was given the “Daymaker of the Month” award at work.  So unexpected.  One moment I’m receiving an award for staying positive and consistently making people’s day; the next moment I am sprinting across traffic in an attempt to help someone survive.

Journal Entry from April 30, 2005

Everyday we pass people on the streets and roads who are in need of assistance, yet we choose to continue on with our days.  I stop and think to myself…What if it were me in that accident…would there be a Daymaker to come to my rescue?  Now ask yourself…what am I doing today to be an authentic advocate for someone’s life?